Never Forget.

I spent last night with my beloved family and friends of twenty years, who, let’s face it, are also family to me. This time of year I always take a minute to reflect on how lucky I am to have the best people in my life, and to thank the universe for the opportunities that have been given to me. I am happy to say that I am exactly where I want to be right now, working on a show that I love and marveling every day at new things I never would have seen if I hadn’t been blessed with this tour. I hope you can all take a minute today to reflect as well on all the blessings you have in your lives.

I wrote the following on the one-year anniversary of 9/11, which was my first year in New York. I think its nice to read again and remember the first anniversary and how present the tragedy still was in NY. As every year goes by, things get more and more back to normal. I want to make sure I never take for granted the lessons I learned from September 11th. Even though I’m not in New York City right now, she’s in my thoughts.

“It was kind of an amazing day to be in New York City today. Started off like any other. Woke up to start a new job …Chris came and ate breakfast in my room like usual but at 8:25a when we were packing bags to leave, he looked at my clock and started the countdown to the time when the first plane hit a year ago.

We went to work and the day went on with constant reminders of last year. I had to run errands in the middle of the day for the workshop I’m doing – on the way to the hardware store to get an extension cord for the musical director I almost ran into a statue of a police dog on 6th Avenue that was covered with flowers. In the deli while getting lunch for the director, they were reading the names over the radio. And everywhere you looked there were American flags. But the strangest thing, that made you remember – because it seemed so out of place, was the wind. It was so windy today – and it’s been so hot and still for the past week. Not today.

On the news they said the wind started up right as they started reading the names. They say it was the souls of those who died. I could definitely feel them in the city today.

I was at City Center all day rehearsing and there was a big tribute in the theater there tonight to all the police officers. The bagpipes started playing outside at about 5:30p – we listened to them for the entire last hour of rehearsal.

Then after rehearsal I left the building to find the wind stlll blowing.

Today -and everyday since 9/11/01 has been about living a life of love. If nothing else, I learned that last year. Its a shame that it takes something that huge to remind you to treasure each moment and every person. I sit here with a postcard above my desk that says “Nothing is worth more than this day.” I try to remember that. I am so glad that I am here in New York today, and that I’m doing theater which fills my life with inspiration everyday, and that I have so many amazing people in my life – who fill my life with more love than I could ever have dreamed. I am so thankful. Tanya called me yesterday and said she wanted to spend today with family , so we got together for dinner tonight with Jenn and Nina, two other dear friends – and just appreciated being together, and being together in New York.

Tanya told her actors today at the end of their tech rehearsal that she feels so lucky to be doing theater today when a year ago nobody knew what was going to happen. A year ago everything was closing and uncertain. This fall a dozen shows are opening on Broadway. How fortunate we are to still be able to do what we love after all that’s happened to this city.

Walking to dinner tonight I was struck by how quiet Manhattan was. A lot of people were going to vigils, and I think a lot of people were just reflecting. We talked at dinner about how much Ground Zero has changed – 10 months ago when Tanya first saw it, it was filled with all the wreckage and she saw how much loss there was. When I saw Ground Zero about four months ago, not long before they ended the recovery effort, I was amazed at how much more could have been damaged by those huge buildings falling. A year
ago we were all feeling loss, and this year, at least for me, its about how much I treasure what I have and really trying not to take anything or anyone for granted.

I watched the skyline appear as my train emerged above ground in Queens on the way home tonight. The Empire State Building was lit up red, white and blue. But yeah, there’s definitely something missing.

I’m so glad that I spent last night with old friends – Mikey, Brett, Benton, Jenn, Nina, Zach – and this morning with Chris – and tonight with Tanya, Nina, and Jenn. Friends and family are everything. Without love there’s nothing. And to all of you who weren’t here today in New York with me, you were definitely on my mind, and you are always in my heart. I am so lucky and blessed to have you in my life. Today and everyday.”

-9/11/07 Thinking of all my loved ones today from Salt Lake


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