We're Performin' for the Mormons

Ski lift in Park City

Ski lift in Park City

Salt Lake City is a strange, strange place. 

We arrived here on Monday – I had the world’s most annoying fourteen-year-old girl sitting next to me on the plane. She basically spent most of the flight either lying in my lap taking pictures out the window (which I was sitting next to), or harassing my cat.

Other than that it was an uneventful travel day and I arrived in Park City, UT, where Ryan and I are renting a ski condo, at around 3:00pm. I love Park City. I am so glad that we decided to brave the 45-minute commute over the mountains to get to work, because Park City is beautiful. A ski town surrounded by mountains, it has definitely grown over the past ten years with being host to the Olympics and also the Sundance Film Festival. However, for me, who is used to living amidst the craziness of New York City, Park City seems very small-town in comparison, even though they do have an outlet mall and a Walmart.

Our cute Park City condo

Our cute Park City condo

Our cute Park City condo

Our cute Park City condo

The main drag in Park City is the appropriately named Main Street. It is lined with clothing boutiques, restaurants and bars and also the town ski lift. It’s pretty sleepy this time of year as we are right in between summer and ski season, but I still had a good time trolling the shops for stickers for my trunk and perhaps a new leather purse.

Main Street. Park City, UT

Main Street. Park City, UT

Main Street. Park City, UT.

Main Street. Park City, UT.

The load-in in Salt Lake City was a bit hairy. The first truck didn’t arrive from Portland until after 3:00pm on Monday and our advance truck, which is usually the first to arrive, got a flat tire and didn’t arrive until late Monday afternoon. The first truck to be unloaded ended up being the props truck, and the first item loaded into the building was not truss or deck or scenery, but Piper’s (one of our swings) personal trunk!

Despite the late start though, the show went up on time on Tuesday. The audiences here are strange. They are very quiet when any gay references are made and very vocal to any God references. It’s hard to tell whether they like us or not. Many of the audiences are very quiet, but then still give us a standing ovation. 

As I said above, Salt Lake City is a strange place. The streets here are enormous – like 6 lanes wide, and mostly run one-way. I was told it was to allow room for wagons in the olden days, but then I was also told yesterday that it is so that there is room for everyone to line the streets when Christ returns. Whatever the reason, the streets are enormous, and so in order to keep pedestrians safe, the city has flags on street corners that you have to hold when you cross so that you don’t get hit by a car. No joke. It’s actually quite amusing. Here’s some photos:

On Wednesday, Ryan and I stayed in Park City and walked around Main Street, and on Thursday we went for a long bike ride along an old railroad site, called “The Rail Trail”. The countryside was beautiful.

On Friday I had understudy rehearsal, but between rehearsal and the show that night, Ken, Karl and I went to the Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox church down the street from the theater. It was really kitschy and fun, And the food was good!

Today I took a peek at Temple Square, which is near the theater. I was a bit scared that I was going to be solicited by the Mormons, so I didn’t actually go onto the grounds, but I did peek through the iron fence. The temple and grounds are very pretty and not nearly as flashy as I thought they would be. I was going to school in San Diego when the Mormon temple opened there – the one in San Diego is crazy, spaceship-looking  with white and gold spires that are lit up at night. You can see it from miles around. The one here in Salt Lake is very traditional, not at all like the one in San Diego.

In other show-related news, this week is the last week that Keith Reese, our head carpenter will be with us. He is leaving the tour to go home to Jacksonville to work with the symphony there. I will miss Keith a lot – he’s a great guy – he has always been so nice and generous to me. I’ll miss his smiling face! His replacement, Justin, seems like a really nice guy, though, and I’m sure the transition will be seamless, and I think it also might inject some new energy into the crew, which can only be a good thing with the crazy schedule coming up.

Mike Berg, Justin Klynsma, Keith Reese and Steve Ramondo

Mike Berg, Justin Klynsma, Keith Reese and Steve Ramondo

And finally, happy birthday to Vera, our head prop mistress. We had a girls’ night birthday party for her last night at Benihana’s. Here’s a photo of Vera and some of our beloved Spamasluts:

On Monday I head to Sunnyvale, CA to visit with the fam and see my friends. Pics of that trip next week!


One thought on “We're Performin' for the Mormons

  1. Are there still a lot of goth teenagers with excessive piercings roaming the city among the Saved as though they came from another planet?

    Don’t forget, no visit to Salt Lake is complete without stopping by the sex toy shop!

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