Puff-sleeved Feminine Sweater

Here is the “Puff-Sleeved Feminine Sweater” from Stefanie Japel’s Fitted Knits . Knit with Knitpicks Merino Style in Hollyberry on size 6 needles.

This was a really quick and fairly simple knit – I began during the load-in in Tulsa and finished the first week here in St. Paul. It probably would have only taken me about 2 weeks except that I ran out of yarn, so had to order more – and then that order ended up at the Academy of Music in Philly of all places, where luckily “Wicked” is playing right now – so their company manager send the package on to me. I believe the pattern calls for about six skeins of yarn but I ended up using close to eight.

I pretty much followed the pattern except for adding about ten more rows to the waist to lengthen it a bit. The lace triangles along the bottom took a few tries to get right, but in the end, I think the sweater turned out great. I’m really happy with the finished product.

Image from "Fitted Knits"

Image from "Fitted Knits"


My finished product

My finished product


2 thoughts on “Puff-sleeved Feminine Sweater

  1. The pic of you in that sweater is waaaay better than the catalog shot. You should send that in to the knitting magazine you were using with the pattern. Looks awesome Francesca

  2. Hey, I’m your knitting photographer! You need to start spending some of that production contract money to fly me out anytime you have a finished product!!

    Looks awsome!

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