Oh Tulsa, I Hardly Knew Thee.

If it weren’t for a new Spamapuppy and getting to blow up some leftover pyro yesterday, I would have nothing to say about Tulsa. It was the first city on this tour that I literally saw nothing of, aside from the theater, the hotel, and a couple of restaurants.

Ben, Todd and Karl

Ben, Todd and Karl

We were soooo busy last week with rehearsals. We loaded in all day Tuesday and then had a put-in rehearsal on Wednesday for Andrew Fitch, our new vacation swing (who is currently in for Jonathan Brody, who is on as Bedevere while Gurr is on vacation). Thursday was a studio rehearsal for Brian O’Brien who takes over for Kevin Crewell starting in St. Paul (Kevin is leaving to do “The Drowsy Chaperone” tour). Thursday night Peter (associate director), Pam (B’way dance captain) and Todd (music supervision) arrived for a two-day visit. We had an hour-and-a-half note session after the Thursday night show, then rehearsal all day on Friday with them, working through the show. They watched the show again Friday night and left Saturday morning. We had two shows on Saturday, two on Sunday, then loaded out and left for Des Moines this morning.


The only afternoon I did have free was Thursday, as all three of us stage managers were not needed in rehearsal. I was too tired to do anything though! I watched a movie at the hotel (“JFK” – after seeing the locations in Dallas I had to see the movie), and stopped by the mall quickly to pick up some make-up and Petco to get some litter. Nothing “Tulsa-original”.

I’m not really sure what there is to see in Tulsa anyway, even if I had had the time. I remembered that all of S.E. Hinton’s books were set in Tulsa (“The Outsiders”, “Tex”, “Rumble Fish”, etc.) and that the movie “The Outsiders” was filmed in Tulsa. That was mildly interesting to me, seeing as “The Outsiders” was one of my favorite movies growing up and I must have see it a hundred times. I did drive by the drive-in movie theater (which is still in operation) that was used as a location in the movie, and the theater was right by the train tracks – the trains going by reminded me of the scenes in the movie when Ponyboy and Johnny hop the freight to hide out after they kill the Soc. I dressed up Kitty and Baby as Johnny and Ponyboy in commemoration.


The theater, the Tulsa PAC, was actually pretty nice. We had plenty of room backstage and a giant office. The opening night party was a bit strange as it was DRY! I have never been to an opening night party where they didn’t at least serve some wine. We made do with diet coke and some rum smuggled from Angelina’s trunk, wrapped in one of her dog’s sweaters.

It was another desolate downtown, the exception being a couple of cute restaurants – a good sushi place, a crunchy hippie type diner, and a pub. I also found a funky coffee shop called “Gypsy Coffee” that Jovon and I went to one day – lots of couches and things – would’ve been nice to spend some time at if we had had any to spare!

Luckily I was not staying downtown, as it would’ve been a bit depressing to be stuck down there. Ken, Jovon and I (and a few others) stayed at a Candlewood Suites about 13 miles away – it was a drive, but it was nice to have cars and be mobile, plus the hotel was very nice. They had free laundry and a free DVD library with DVD players in the rooms! Plus, all the rooms had kitchenettes. I love that.

We also had a ton of restaurants and stores around us. Granted, they were all the chain places that you have in every town, but at least they were there and available to us. We had no problem finding places to go and eat.

Darryl arrived back from vacation on Tuesday with a new puppy, Akilah. She is a schnoodle – a schnauzer and poodle mix. And she is so cute, and so sweet! We are all in love.

There was a car show all week outside the theater – I’m not sure what it was all about, but on Saturday there were some really cool old Pontiacs parked out front. Of course I have no pictures, but that was sort of a highlight of the week.

Another highlight was getting to blow up some of the extra pyro last night before the load-out.

You can only see the smoke in that picture, but you get the idea.

Here’s Mike – our awesome pyro dude:

Today I skipped the company flight to Des Moines, which was circuitous (they had to fly to Chicago and then back down to Des Moines) and was on a tiny plane that didn’t allow pets and threatened not to carry all of our luggage. Instead, I took the flight reimbursement and rented a car and drove. It took about 6 1/2 hours – not bad. Now I am here, the weather is lovely and warm, and dry (I forgot to mention the violent thunderstorms in Tulsa – wow! – our bus ride to Tulsa was also quite the adventure with rain and lightning). There seems to be a bit more life downtown here. I am sitting right now at a cute coffee shop called “Java Joes” – there is a pub next door and a sushi place down the street. I can see the Capitol building from my hotel room and a big outdoor fountain that kids are swimming in. The theater is a block from the hotel. 

Des Moines has a nice vibe. 

Hopefully it will be a good week.


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