Arriving Dallas

Ferris wheel at the Fairgrounds

Ferris wheel at the Fairgrounds

Last weekend was my birthday – and it was such a nice birthday! I was expecting it to be very low-key and uneventful, being that Houston was sort of that way anyway, and that my birthday fell on load-out, but instead it ended up being a whole birthday weekend with multiple dinners and a fun drink night on Saturday – and lots of people called and remembered me, which made me feel so good. Thank you! 

I also received some Amazon gift certificates from a few very generous people and have ordered a brand new digital SLR camera – the Nikon D80 – I am so excited to get it and start learning how to use it!

We left Houston on Monday and drove to Dallas. Tallulah and I rode with Ken in his rental car, allowing us to skip the crowded bus ride with the cast. We stopped at a very Texan gas station complete with flag painted on the roof, horses in a trailer and deer corn for sale – whatever that is!


Dallas already seems far superior to Houston. First of all, we are staying at the Hotel Indigo, which I love! We stayed at an Indigo in Atlanta as well – the rooms are beautiful – small, but decorated in very calming colors with big, comfy beds. I actually stripped the bed the other day to try and figure out what kind of bed it is so I can buy one when I get back to New York (its a Simmons Beautyrest with pillowtop – model Felicity). Plus, Tallulah is very happy with the big windowsills, where she sits for hours and watches the pigeons on the roof across the way. Some pigeons landed on the actual outdoor windowsill of my room the other day and I thought Tallulah was going to try and pounce through the window at them!

The city of Dallas seems far more happening than Houston. There are more restaurants downtown, as well as the first Neiman Marcus! You can also walk to Deep Ellum from our hotel, which is the “hip” neighborhood, full of bars and tattoo shops and restaurants. I also walked over to “The West End”, which is the west end of downtown and has many historic brick buildings that house newer restaurants. Apparently the grassy knoll and 6th Floor Museum are in the West End – I haven’t visited them yet but intend to next week (maybe after I get my new camera!). 

The theater, The Music Hall at Fair Park, is located on the Fairgrounds, where the Texas State Fair is held annually. Unfortunately the fair isn’t running at the moment (or maybe fortunately as I can’t imagine how bad traffic would be if it was). The theater is pretty old – it sort of looks and smells like an old Broadway house backstage – or a YMCA – musty-smelling and worn. There is plenty of room backstage, though, so the load-in and first night went smoothly.

On Thursday night we had a bit of a tragedy – we were coming back to the hotel after the show and saw paramedics outside the building. Turns out that one of our company members. who had been out that night sick, fell out of her sixth floor hotel room, landing on the roof of the second floor. She is going to be okay, just a lot of broken bones, but everyone is understandably shaken and worried about her. We are all sending her good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

This weekend we have four shows and then are off on Monday. I haven’t decided yet how I want to spend the day – maybe going to the yarn store that Jovon got me a gift certificate to for my birthday! We also got a coupon to the Dallas Arboretum at our opening night party, so maybe I will go and check that out, although that may be another place that would be great to go to once I get my new camera. 

I’ve started thinking about taking a vacation, probably in December. I’m thinking along the lines of warm weather, beach, spa…maybe Mexico. The show will be in Washington D.C. then, so I will be flying from there. Anybody have any good suggestions for vacation destinations?


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