I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but it has! After 10 years of plugging away –  I am so excited! 

See this?

You know what that means? As of today, I am 100% debt free – loan paid off, credit cards at zero balance! For the first time since I graduated college!

I am so happy to be free of owing someone something and am ready to start saving, saving, saving. It will be amazing to be able to go back to New York and be ahead a little bit.

We are in Houston now, which is mostly very humid and thunderstorm-y. There is not much to be seen downtown, so I’ve been staying in a lot and catching up on movies and tv and emails and things. It is nice to know we are going to be in one place for a few weeks – there is plenty of time to relax and not feel like I have to constantly be on the move to squeeze everything in. 

Look at the cowboy boots I got on ebay for $10! They are Frye boots which normally cost about $250! They are super cute and fit great. Score!

Finally, check out these kids who came to see the show last night and then waited for the cast at the stage door afterwards to get autographs – how cute are they?!


4 thoughts on “Yippee!

  1. OMG you are my HERO!!!! That is so awesome Francesca! I can’t wait til I can post that too. You must feel so free!!!!! Your money is YOURS now!!!!! Dang. Right On Sister!

  2. I am happy as CRAP!!! I can’t wait to quit my job and start mooching off of your savings :).

    Congrats girlee, NOBODY deserves a little piece o mind more than the girl that was working three jobs when I met her!

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