Good Morning Baltimore!

Okay at the risk of sounding like a cheesy musical theater geek, I could not resist using that as the title for the first Baltimore entry.

We flew in yesterday morning – it was probably the crappiest travel day so far. The airport in Atlanta was beyond crowded and so we spent an hour in line for boarding passes and then security. Then, waiting to go through security, all these airline personnel kept cutting in line – I have my doubts that they really had planes to get to, they were more likely just abusing their VIP status. Security was also very harried and loud, so Tallulah was understandably freaked. Luckily she didn’t poop on me like she did in the hotel in Atlanta when Steve delivered and dropped my trunk, literally scaring the crap out of her.

THEN, when we finally reached the gate, thinking we had some time to grab a coffee, they starting boarding the plane – 45 minutes before the scheduled departure. What?

The flight was fine, but as I had caught a cold a few days before in Atlanta, I spent the whole flight wiping my nose. Luckily the sinus pain wasn’t so bad despite the altitude – I only had a bit of discomfort as we landed.

We got to the hotel (the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore) around noon and dropped off our bags as we were unable to get into our rooms until 3:00pm. I went with Suzanne, Pam (hair sub), Fran and Jovon to get lunch at Mo’s – I had a delicious crab cake! Tallulah was covert in her bag under the table – my “video camera” bag.

We got back to the hotel around 1:30pm and most of the others were able to get into their rooms at that time. Of course, my room was still not ready, so I camped out in the lobby. Jaki came by at one point and felt my head and said I was burning up. By that point, I was basically feeling like ass. I was so congested and just wanted to get into my room. Finally around 3:00pm I got the key to my room and went up, only to find that the room had only one tiny window that looked directly into the office building next door. Now I’m not too picky about my room, but direct sunlight is a huge must for me. I cannot deal with dark rooms. So, I went back downstairs and the front desk said they could switch my room, but I would have to wait another 30-45 minutes. FINALLY, around 4:00pm I was able to get into my new and improved room, which is a corner room and LOVELY. It is smaller than the first room and only has a full-sized bed rather than a king, but it has two windows and looks out at the city. I love it.

I forced myself to leave for a bit to go to the grocery store as I also lucked out and got a small fridge and microwave in my room. The grocery store, Superfresh, is great! Very new and clean, and good produce!

Then I took a quick walk down to the Inner Harbor to go to the Barnes and Noble. I wanted to see if they had two knitting books in stock that I have been eyeing. The Inner Harbor is really nice – it’s basically a bunch of restaurants and shops down by the waterfront. The Baltimore Aquarium is also there.

I took a couple of snaps:



Barnes and Noble had the two books I was looking for! “Fitted Knits” and “Lace Style”. I bought them both as they have such beautiful patterns in them, and because I really need two more knitting books to cart around with me!!

When I got back to the hotel, Jaki stopped by with a care package for me – she brought me chicken soup, some tylenol PM, tea, Theraflu, Shower Soothers and a bottle of whiskey! Isn’t that the nicest thing? I love the crew girls on this tour – they are the bomb. 

Here are the girls at breakfast back in Atlanta:

Me, Fran, Penny, Elaine, Jaki and Suzanne

Me, Fran, Penny, Elaine, Jaki and Suzanne

I ate the chicken soup for dinner, took some tylenol PM and made a hot toddy with tea and whiskey, and was OUT by 9:30pm.

This morning I felt like a new person!

The load-in has been going so well today. The theater here in Baltimore is intimate yet there is adequate space backstage, so no crossover woes here. I haven’t taken any pics of the house yet, but here’s a couple of the front of the building:


In fact, we had so much downtime today, that Kitty and Baby were dressed and ready for Baltimore in no time.

Do you recognize them? They’re Divine and John Waters! I know Kitty has more hair than John Waters, but there’s only so much you can do with sharpies and paper!

Finally, on Sunday in Atlanta, we bid adieu to Justin Patterson, one of our original ensemble members – he will be sorely missed – he really is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. The Spamasluts put on quite a show for his farewell. First Callie rode topless inside the rabbit during the French Taunter scene – unbeknownst to the audience, of course. Then the girls danced topless, except for two coconuts each, in the wings for “Rio”. Justin put on quite a show himself, dancing “Laker Girls” in the wings in just his dance belt. Hilarious. After the show we had shot night and the girls put on another show – dancing as “The Corn Ho’s” to “Jimmy Crack Corn”. They smeared creamed corn all over Justin. Don’t ask.


Then we all went to the Georgian for drinks and the girls got Justin to sing a couple of songs at the piano. There was a bit of drama with hotel management in order to get use of piano…but what’s a Spamalot party without a little drama?

Well, it’s supposed to snow here in Baltimore tomorrow. If it does, it will be the first snow I have seen this winter! Luckily, I will be snug in the rehearsal studio here, rehearsing our new swing, Nigel Columbus, who takes over for Kevin Burrows when he leaves the tour in Philly.

I’m looking forward to the next two weeks – already in just a day I’m getting a really good vibe from Baltimore – it seems like the right mix of a city – near water, with good shops, some history, some good Irish pubs and lots of charm. What more could you ask for?


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