Exploring Atlanta

I finally was able to pry myself out of my lovely hotel room and begin exploring Atlanta a little bit.

Last Friday I walked over to Piedmont Park, which is a few blocks away and wandered around for an hour or so. It is a great park, a bit dried up from the winter, but with glimpses of spring growth appearing here and there. There is a fantastic dog park section which everyone has been taking their furry friends to, but I mostly walked around the south end.


After checking out the park, I went for a tour at the Margaret Mitchell house. Margaret Mitchell wrote “Gone With the Wind” – it was her only novel! She was also a reporter for one of the Atlanta newspapers in the 20’s. She and her husband lived in an apartment in the basement of what is now the Margaret Mitchell house. The tour consists of a docent-led walk through the apartment (which was so cute and cozy I wanted to move right in!), a few galleries of letters she wrote, and a small museum dedicated to the movie “Gone With the Wind”. It was really interesting to hear all about Margaret Mitchell and her life – and all the politics surrounding her book and subsequent film. The premiere of the movie was in Atlanta and many of the cast stayed at the Georgian Terrace, which is the hotel next door to  us. However, the hotel would not allow the African-American members of the cast to stay there, nor were they allowed to walk the red carpet at the premiere, so many of them chose not to attend. And this was only sixty years ago!

I thought this was kind of cool – it’s a call sheet from one of the days of shooting on the movie…but that’s just the nerd stage manager in me coming out!

The weekend was filled with four shows – we had a fantastic shot night on Sunday, hosted by the sound guys. The shot was a “vanilla latte” – made with coffee flavored Patron tequila and Vanilla Stoli. Delicious but lethal. Everyone was drunk after two shots.

I managed to stay sober enough not to make a fool of myself at Christopher Gurr’s mother’s house that evening (Sunday) after the show. He had invited myself, Jeff, Robert, Elaine and Jaki over for supper. His mother and aunt were so lovely and charming and SOUTHERN – we had the best time. They had made Coronation chicken with rice, which was delicious, and made Jaki very happy. I missed watching the Oscars but got the rundown online and watched Miss Jennifer Hudson win her award on youtube the next day – I also watched the Dreamgirls best song medley on youtube – how one of those songs didn’t win is beyond me.

On Monday I walked over to Atlantic Center (an outdoor mall) about a mile and a half away to do some shameless retail therapy, and then met up with Ryan in the afternoon to go to the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium is brand new and is apparently the largest in the world. It is nicely laid out but I do wish they had had some more of the larger species like whales and sharks for us to see. There were plenty of cool animals to check out though – 


After that we had a sick craving for sushi for dinner so we went to MF Sushi on Ponce de Leon, which was amazing.

Tuesday was spent at the High Museum, which is Atlanta’s art museum – they have an exhibit going on right now of works from the Louvre, which were really awesome to see in person. Maybe one day I’ll make it to Paris, but for now I’ll have to make do with seeing some of the paintings here in Atlanta.

And finally, today we had our monthly girls’ brunch – myself, Jaki, Fran, Elaine, Suzanne and Penny all had a scrumptious meal at the Flying Biscuit – an amazing breakfast place near Piedmont Park. I had a scramble with collard greens, mushrooms and turkey bacon – yum! Plus all our dishes came with the signature flying biscuit and apple-cranberry jam – it was almost like a scone. Delicious.

After breakfast, Fran and I went over to the neighborhood Little Five Points, which is kind of like the Haight-Ashbury of Atlanta. We browsed some shops, and bought some fun things – (like a coloring book of lady parts for Jaki – found at a feminist book store – hee hee). There were lots of vintage clothing stores and jewelry shops. We ended the afternoon with a beer at the Vortex. Perfect.

Funky pic of Euclid St. in Little Five Points

Funky pic of Euclid St. in Little Five Points

Cool mural in the same neighbohood

Cool mural in the same neighbohood

The rest of the week, unfortunately, will be consumed with rehearsals as Jonathan Brody goes into the show starting on Tuesday. Oh well. I feel like I got a really good taste of this city – at first I wasn’t sure about it, but after the last couple of days of exploring, I’ve found that it does have a funky, interesting side to it. A lot of it actually reminds me a lot of Berkeley.

And finally, my cute cat picture of the day:



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