Fort Lauderdale!

Well, going from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale could not be a more surreal or welcomed change. The day we left Detroit it was 29 degrees and after we left, it snowed. Here in Florida it has been in the low 80’s. It doesn’t seem right that it is January.

Fort Lauderdale beach

Fort Lauderdale beach

Well, as Tallulah told you in the last entry, we did hit the beach on our second day here which was amazing. Tuesday was spent loading in the show all day with a performance that night and then yesterday we were at the theater all day doing a photo call and shooting b-roll before the show that night. You know what, though? When you come to work at a place like this…

Broward Center

Broward Center

…it hardly matters that you have to be at work all day rather than on the beach.

Seriously, when you walk out the front door of the theater, this is what you see:


And we are getting paid to be here?

The interior of the theater is gorgeous as well – very modern, but classy.

We have tons of room backstage which made for a very smooth first performance, and all the dressing rooms and offices are on the same level as the stage, which is nice after Detroit, which was six levels (all those stairs!).

Also, outside the wardrobe room is this amazing courtyard where we can hang out:

And you can walk down the river from the theater to a number of great bars and restaurants with outdoor seating. It’s really nice. Fort Lauderdale is supposedly the U.S. equivalent of Venice in that it is built on all these waterways. I’ve driven by a number of “streets” which are actually not paved streets, but waterways, and houses are built along the waterways, and people dock their boats right outside their houses. Amazing!

There’s also lots of good shopping here – there’s a huge outlet  mall near our hotel which is enormous. I went there today and didn’t even make it around half of it.

The only drag here is that our hotel is a little on the dumpy side. It’s under construction so we are awakened by banging at 8 o’clock every morning. Oh well, I guess it’s a small price to pay for being here in such a beautiful place.

Mary (one of my oldest and dearest friends from high school) arrives on Saturday and stays through Wednesday. We are going to the Everglades National Park on Monday. I hope we see some alligators!

Cute cat picture of the day:


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