A Letter to Kristoff

Dear Kristoff,

Mom made me get up really early yesterday morning and drink some really yucky herbal drops and then get in my bag. We went in the car with her friend Rick to the Detroit airport which was really loud and scary. It was especially scary when Mom made me get out of the bag to so it could go through the x-ray machine. I didn’t like that, but we had had a talk before we left for the airport about staying calm, so I did. I just clung to Mom while she carried me through and then I got back in the bag.

Then we went on another airplane. It was a longer flight this time than the one from New York to Detroit. I had to stay under the seat for almost three hours! Mom did leave the zipper open a little though on the top of the bag so I could at least see her the whole flight. We flew past Cape Canaveral on the way down here and Mom wanted to lift me up and let me look out the window, but there was a big man in the middle seat so she couldn’t get my bag out from underneath without causing all kinds of trouble. So I stayed there until we landed. But here’s picture Mom took of Cape Canaveral so you can see what it looks like:

After we landed and the big man moved out of the way, Mom lifted my bag up onto the seat and let me look out. I met Keith Reese who is the production carpenter on Mom’s show. He was sitting behind us. The lady sitting next to him kept sneezing and giving me dirty looks. I think she might have been allergic to me.

Then we went to get the luggage. It took a long time to come out, so Mom let me out of the bag for a few minutes. A bunch of people came over to pet me and tell me how cute I was. It was so embarrassing. 

Then Mom got the rental car and we went for another ride. It was so nice out – 80 degrees! So different from Detroit! Mom rolled the windows down and I could see palm trees and blue sky! We went to a hotel called the Amerisuites last night, which was kind of a dump and smelled funny, but it was okay because it was only for one night. Me and Mom were real tired from getting up so early and traveling so we slept for like 10 hours!

Then today we had to move to another hotel. The only problem was that we had to be out of the Amerisuites by noon and couldn’t check into the other hotel, the Las Palmas, until 2! So, Mom took me to the beach.

At first I stayed in my bag.

But the beach looked so pretty….

I tried to peek out the best I could.

Mom was bugging me cuz she kept taking pictures of me cooped up in the bag while she got to enjoy the sun!

Finally she took pity on me and unzipped the bag so I could at least get some fresh air!

Kris! You will never believe how many seagulls there were! I thought there were a lot of birds to look at out the window of the Residence Inn in Michigan, but that was nothing compared to all the birds I saw on the beach!

There were also a lot of people on the beach in swimsuits! It’s weird because it’s January and I know in New York it’s usually cold in January, right? And it was really freezing when we left Detroit yesterday, but here it’s like summer! In fact, Mom says it is high season here. It actually gets too humid in the summer here for it to be any fun, so January is when people come and visit. Lucky for us, right?

Finally, right before we left, Mom let me all the way out of the bag for a few minutes.

Kris – it was the best ever! I love the beach!

Now we are at the Las Palmas hotel in Sunrise, Florida. It took a while to get checked in because the room ended up not being ready until 3:30p, but I got to meet some more of Mom’s friends while we waited. I had to pee so bad, though! But I was good and didn’t pee in the bag. I waited until we were in the room and Mom had the litter box set up. Now I’m exploring the new room and trying to find all my new hiding places. It’s a pretty nice hotel, and there’s some kind of soccer convention going on  and all the soccer players are staying here too, as well as all of Mom’s coworkers. Mom says the soccer players are cute. I don’t know what she’s talking about.

Mom has to go to work tomorrow so I will probably just nap and look out the big window. Mom’s friend Mary comes to visit on Friday. That will be fun – one more person to give me some loves when I want them.

I miss you Kris, I wish you were here to see the seagulls with me.


Love Tallu


One thought on “A Letter to Kristoff

  1. Tallu-lus!! I miss you too! There’s always something going on here too, people in and out and now this dude is staying in the room next to Mom’s!! Mom’s been coming home late this week–something about “saying goodbye to friends at Martin Short” or somethin’, so it’s nice that dude Tim’s been around to play with!! AND last week Mom’s room had a BIG bang when she was away and when she came home she was swearing up and down, muttering about how the shelf over her desk had come crashing down!! BUT, “wonderful neighbour Sean” came by today, scratched me some and fixed the hole in the wall so now Mom’s happy again and playing more with me!! No one plays with me as cool as you though, Lu, and I’m sad your gone and miss you lots but am so happy you’re having fun and adventures!!! (Mom says that was a run-on sentence, whatever!)

    Sniffin’ your face,

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