I Called the Show!

Yippee! I called the show for the fourth time this afternoon. It is such a relief to have the first few under my belt. “Calling the show”, for all the lay people, is what one of the stage managers does during every show – we basically tell the light board operator, sound board operator, pyro operator, carpenters, flymen, and automation guy when to execute their cues. It can be kind of complicated with fast cues called to musical counts while your fingers are flipping cue light switches – a little like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time.

Here’s an example of a page from my call script, during the “Camelot” number, where you can see light cues and things called off words and counts:

It can definitely be a mess if you lose your place or get behind!

I spent quite a few shows watching the show and listening to Ken call the show, and practicing by the video monitor outside our office. Here’s my little practice station at work with my fake cue lights written on pieces of paper and taped to the side of the road box.

And at the hotel I made a practice station out of a box and would listen to the show on my i-pod and practice in the kitchen:

But now I can let all the practicing go and just call the show for real – phew! Ken usually calls two shows a week and then Brian and I will call three each. 

Here’s the real call desk:

Well, we have a week left in Detroit – the time has gone by so quickly! We leave for Fort Lauderdale one week from today. Yesterday I went to Greektown with Rick, Adam and Ben (Ben is our conductor and Rick and Adam are his associates) and also Karl (our company manager). It was such a fun area of downtown Detroit! It is an area full of Greek restaurants and a casino. We went to one restaurant, the name I can’t remember, and had some yummy combo plates of lamb, spinach pie and other goodies. We also had some flaming cheese for an appetizer.

Here is a picture of the main drag with all the restaurants:

And a photo of the boys after we finished dinner:

Ben, Rick, Karl and Adam

 It was such a great area and I’m so glad I got a chance to see it before we leave. On Wednesday we are hoping to hit the Motown Museum between shows, which is the last touristy thing on my list for Detroit. It should be especially fun to visit after seeing “Dreamgirls” last weekend which is based on Berry Gordy and that whole era.

Tonight we have another show and then a party at the Residence Inn to celebrate New Years. Wishing everyone a happy 2007!

With the band boys and Karl

With the band boys and Karl


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