Le Clapotis est finis!

WARNING: Knitting content ahead. 

I finished clapotis! I think it is the prettiest thing I have made yet. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of me wearing it yet, but here’s a little sneak peak:




Clapotis – pattern by Kate Gilbert on www.knitty.com 

Yarn used: Brooks Farm Primero, purchased at Rhinebeck

Needles: US 6

And for good measure, a gratuitous cute cat picture…Tallulah in the travel laundry hamper:


One thought on “Le Clapotis est finis!

  1. SOOOO great looking! I tried to add a comment to your last blog entry, but there was no “add comment” button . . . hmm? I can’t believe how much fun it looks like you guys have. I feel like here it’s ALL work and no play. Maybe it’s just getting a show up, so much u/s rehearsal, so much paperwork still to do. ug

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