My cat is a ROCK STAR!

We have just settled in to the Residence Inn in Troy, Michigan and I am so elated about how fantastically my baby cat behaved today. I gave her a big dropper full of Bach’s Rescue Remedy before we left the house this morning, which is basically the equivalent of a shot of Jack Daniels. It worked! She was calm getting into the bag, quiet for the whole car ride to LaGuardia. I even dropped her bag by mistake once we were at the airport, and still nothing.

Then…the xray machine. I had to take her out of the bag at the loud wack-a-doo airport and carry her in my arms through the doorway while they shot her bag through the machine. Did she try to get away or even squirm? No!

Then, while we were chilling in the seats by our gate, I let her poke her head out of the bag and assess her situation. Again, did she try to get away – no!

Tallulah on the plane

Tallulah on the plane

Then…the big test…the actual plane flight. First, I was thrilled to find that her cat bag fit perfectly under the seat – there would be no drama about trying to wrench it under there. (p.s. She was also not weighed at the airport. Phew!)Then, once again, all through take-off, the flight, the landing….not one peep out of that cat. As we were taxiing to the gate in Detroit, I pulled her bag into my lap and let her stick her head out the top and look out the window. It was very sweet.

Now, we are here in Troy at the Residence Inn which will be our home for the next four weeks, and there has been no hiding or wailing. Just a very curious kitty checking out her new digs. Have I mentioned that MY CAT IS A ROCK STAR! I am so excited that she seems to be taking to this traveling thing so well. And I have to say, she was a good distraction for me today on the plane, as well. I didn’t even get nervous for this flight…which is a rare and wonderful thing for me, and I hope the trend continues!

So here are a couple of snaps so far:

Coming in to Detroit

Coming in to Detroit

And some snaps of our little studio at the Residence Inn:


It’s actually quite cozy and I scored a fireplace. The only drawback is that it is on the ground level near the street, so a) I can’t walk around naked unless all the curtains are drawn and b) I hope I don’t get broken into and c) we don’t get much light. On the other hand though, the street noise is good – it reminds me of Manhattan! And the fireplace is an awesome bonus.

It’s not too cold here yet – in the forties. I’m stocking up on some logs though for the fireplace – it will definitely get some use, even if for only the ambiance.

So tonight I am having dinner with Rachel and Rick, my car buddies (Rachel is the girl I am replacing and Rick plays keyboards in the band) and then have to be at the theater in downtown Detroit at 8am for load-in. Should be exciting – my first load-in on the road!

Was a bit sad leaving the apartment in Wash Heights this morning – even though I know its only for a little while. It did make me realize how much I do love New York City and even though it gets me down sometimes, there really is no other place like it.

Oh look, Princess Lulu has found her new spot:

Princess Tallulah

Princess Tallulah


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