The Last Supper…if Guinness counts as food

Andrea and Christopher

Andrea and Christopher

Last night I had drinks at Druids on 10th Avenue to say goodbye to some of my NYC buddies. Chris and Sean and Karen came, Tanya, Andrea, Dustin and Jill, and Dave Matos – it was a lot of fun. But…whoever said shots were a good idea (cough Dave Matos cough cough) is a bad, bad person! I did have to make up for all the Jack Daniels I’ve missed drinking with him over the last year since the Trailer Park Musical closed, but I don’t think I really needed to make it all up in one night, groan. Still it was nice to see everyone before I take off tomorrow.

Karen and Sean

Karen and Sean

With Andrea

With Andrea

Also, just wanted to say congratulations to Patty, whose show “Jersey Boys” opens at the Curran tonight in San Francisco. If you are in the Bay Area right now, you should make a point to see the show – its fantastic.

And for Patty, a couple of progress shots of Clapotis:

See you tomorrow, Detroit!

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