Disaster Area

Packing it up

Packing it up

I’ve been packing for days and this picture is still what my room looks like. I am literally buried in boxes. I really can’t wait until it is all taken away to storage. As much as I did miss certain items the last time I put everything in storage (for 2 years, when I first moved to NYC), it was also sooooooo nice to be unencumbered with stuff for a period of time. I’m sort of looking forward to that again, although the pile of junk to be sent out to Detroit to go in my trunk keeps growing. I’ve gotta get that under control today.

So I got my teeth cleaned yesterday and bought a few last minute things. I ended up walking around the city for like four hours yesterday and was exhausted by the time I got home, so I collapsed in front of the TV and did what any respectable human being would do, watched four hours of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Bliss!

I also called the Residence Inn in Troy, Michigan to try and weasel a room with a fireplace out of them – and found out that I don’t have a reservation. Awesome. A couple of panicked emails to the “Spamalot” company manager, and hopefully that is all ironed out. I will have to call them back today and check.

I also spoke with Rachel Wolff on the phone – she’s the girl I am taking over for – and made plans for dinner with her on Monday night in Detroit. She and I and Rick Bertone (keyboard player) are sharing a car while we are there, which will be fun. Rachel and Rick are both great – I only wish I got to spend more than one week hanging out with Rachel before she leaves! We talked about going to the Ford Museum, the Motown Museum and the huge mall in Troy, all in the first week before Rachel leaves. I’ve decided that I need to find a movie theater and just go and see movies in my free time the rest of the time we are in Detroit. What else will there be to do? Although Tanya tells me there is a great yarn store in the shopping center attached to the theater, so maybe I will actually get some knitting done, too.

What are shoe-ins?

What are shoe-ins?

Tallulah went to the vet on Tuesday and is all checked out to fly, health certificate in paw. She also lost a pound! Thank god, she was getting to be kind of a chubbers and I was afraid she might get kicked out of the cabin at some point for being too fat.

Had some good-ass steaks on Tuesday with Tanya and Michael at an Argentine restaurant on 46th Street. Yum! 

I also realized on Monday that I had somehow lost my ATM card between Hartford and NYC. Of course. I lost my passport and green card right before I moved from SF to NYC, so it makes sense that I would lose something similar right before leaving for the tour. Luckily it was express UPS-ed to me on Tuesday so I am ALL GOOD!

Now, enough procrastinating and off to do more packing…


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