Happy Turkey Day!

I was able to get back to Manhattan Wednesday night for the Thanksgiving festivities. It had been such a long week at work, but we made it through the first two previews and I was ready to sleep in my own bed for a night or two.

So I loaded Tallulah up after the matinee on Wednesday and we drove in the rain back to New York City. I watched four hours of Grey’s Anatomy that night…a perfect evening. Andrea and I are catching up on all the episodes we’ve missed through the DVDs from Netflix.

Thursday morning I spent catching up on bills and going through the giant pile of mail that had accumulated in the three weeks I had been gone. In the afternoon I did some packing and went to the wine store to load up on booze for the evening. Cabrini Wines, which is our local wine store has expanded and is AMAZING! We are so lucky to have that store in our ‘hood.

Thanksgiving wine

Thanksgiving wine

Thursday evening was spent at Christopher and Sean’s in Inwood – the Annual Orphans’ Thanksgiving. I’ve been eating Thanksgiving dinner with them since I moved to New York four and a half years ago and it is always a great time…and there is always TONS of great food. This year we had about twenty people in attendance. It was really nice seeing Steven and Michael and Tiffany and Jack and and Gina and Ryan and of course, Christopher and Sean…my NYC family!

Christopher and Sean, our adorable Thanksgiving hosts

Christopher and Sean, our adorable Thanksgiving hosts

I missed being with my real family as they were all together back in California, including Nick and Heather – but I did get to talk to them all on the phone, and if I couldn’t be with them, I did at least get to spend the day with my NYC buddies.

The amazing Thanksgiving table

The amazing Thanksgiving table

Today I woke up 2 1/2 hours later than planned, in a panic. But I did make it make to Hartford in time for the matinee and now I start the final stretch before leaving here next Sunday for good. I told the cast today that I was leaving and everyone is very upset with me and happy for me at the same time. Its been great working with such a fantastic cast here in Hartford and I will miss them.


2 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day!

  1. Francesca… Okay, your blog is so cool, I can hardly stand it. Not a surprise from a chick who knits her own sweaters. Tallulah is so lucky to have a mom like you. Thanks for uploading those Thanksgiving Day pics. It was wonderful to see you and Andrea. Love Steven

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