A Christmas Carol

So I’ve been in Hartford for a little over a week now and I am TI-RED! The apartment I’m in is pretty nice – corporate-looking, but clean and big. Tanya gave me the great suggestion before I left NY of buying some scarves to drape over the furniture to cheer up dreary apartments and hotels on the road. So I made it down to Canal Street one day before I left and picked up a couple of bright colored scarves, and they really do make a difference draped over the furniture here.

Tallulah is adjusting okay. She hid under the couch for about the first two hours she was here, but now is out and about. She’s definitely more clingy than she was back home, but she doesn’t seem mopey, so that’s a good thing. Her appetite is also not quite what it was (which may also be a good thing – she was a bit of a fatty), but she is eating, which makes me happy. She has two giant windows/sills to hang out on which she likes a lot. It’s taking a bit of time getting used to sharing a bed with her. She’s a fidget and likes to wake me up at four in the morning. Hopefully she will learn that four is way too early to be waking up. Probably the reason I have been so tired this week! It’s great having her here though to keep me company. I would really have been lonely in this giant apartment by myself.

Tallulah on the windowsill

Tallulah on the windowsill


The show is going well so far. “A Christmas Carol” is always big, no matter where you do it. Although this is a different production from the one I did in San Francisco, it has all the same elements – kids, millions of props, special effects, etc, so it seems so familiar. We began rehearsals yesterday after a very long week of prep. We had a little bit of excitement the other day when the heavy rain caused part of the ceiling to collapse in our dance studio! It was late and there were only two of us still around, so we did our best to put trash bags and trash cans underneath the hole which was pouring water, but the nice sprung dance floor did end up with some damage.

My new luggage

My new luggage

I was off last Monday and had wanted to go home for the day but was way too exhausted, so I ended up staying in Connecticut and taking advantage of the suburban malls and the fact that I have a car right now (my friends Patty and David lent me theirs for a few weeks). I spent three hours at the mall and bought my luggage for the “Spamalot” tour! I love it – its Victorinox. Expensive, but has a life-time guarantee and Tanya recommended it as it is very durable for someone who is traveling a lot. She travelled with the same type of luggage when she was on tour. 

I also managed to remotely sublet my apartment, which is a giant relief. Tim, who I’ve actually known since I lived in California, and is a friend of Andrea’s (my roommate) is moving in January 1st. Its great to have that taken care of, and to have someone moving in that Andrea is comfortable with. Yay!

And not to be outdone by Zach Flynn – here is a super-cute picture of Ava Freeman (Tiffany and Aaron’s little girl) in her Halloween monkey costume!

Ava - Halloween 2006

Ava - Halloween 2006


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