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Just a quick note to say that I’ve decided to wrap things up here at “Just Traveling Through”. I contemplated starting a new space when I finished touring, but with Lila’s birth, it just got lost in the shuffle. I’ve finally found some time to create a new site that integrates my photography in a better way. My blog will be hosted as part of my new website – I hope you join me over there! The link to my blog on the new site is Update your bookmarks! Thank you for being a reader and hope to see you at the new site!


This week…

Lila ate a lot of puffs…

And, her first grilled cheese!

Lila wasn’t the happiest of campers this week (growing? teeth?)

Lila started eating meat. Here she is eating turkey meatballs.

Lila’s first doll! She mostly likes poking at its eyes.

We played outside on the grass.

Best of all, Lila got a new swing!

BBQ to celebrate the new patio!

Eric and his dad have been hard at work over the past two weeks putting a patio in our backyard (in 100 degree temps, no less!). It came out beautifully, and its hard to believe that our backyard is the same one that we formerly called “the jungle”. It looks so great. We invited a bunch of friends and family over on Saturday to break it in.

Our friends, Travis and Brian

Brian and Erika, who is 15 weeks pregnant!

Lila’s cousin, P.R., in between Brian and Fernando

Petey, who we toured with on “Rock of Ages”

Lila, checking out the new bottle opener

Lila and Nana

Aunt Maryliz and Lila

Eric’s dad Paul and his neighbor, Eugene

Eric’s cousin Kelsey and his sister, Dana

My friend Gina’s daughter, Petra

Tom, a neighbor of Paul and Marge

Brian and P.R.

Eric’s cousin Annmarie and her daughter, Lucy


Lila and Petra

Eight months old!

July 14, 2012.

Where is the time going? We had a BBQ yesterday and there was a 2.5 month old baby there, and I can’t believe you were ever that small!

Lila, this has been such a fun month! We flew home from California, and you were an ANGEL! You only napped about an hour, but you entertained yourself the rest of the flight – and flirted with the lady sitting behind us 🙂

This month you have been eating more and more foods. You have discovered the magical puff and you are completely in love with yogurt. You also like strawberries!

You are still struggling to try and crawl, but we know you’ll get there when you are ready. You are super chatty and love saying “dada” over and over again, although you’ve also added “baba” to your repertoire.

You are such a sweet girl who loves hugs, raspberries on your tummy, snorts in your ear, petting your kitty cat, dancing in your doorway jumper and going really high and fast on the swing.

We love you so much, Lila Girl!


This week…

We’ve started exploring finger foods. This was Lila’s first experience with “butties” (bread and butter).

Lila got a new music table! She’s still a bit puzzled by it.

Lila and Tallulah have been enjoying a little “Yo Gabba Gabba” in the mornings.

Avocado, which Lila used to be unsure about, is now a win!

Strawberries are also yummy! (and messy).

Puffs rock, yo. (Also, we have now come to the part where I find puffs EVERYWHERE).

Lila is still working up the strength to pull up and crawl.

That’s all for this week!

The last two weeks.

We’ve been back in New York for two weeks and trying to get back into the swing of things. I had one week off and then was back at work full time, covering someone’s vacation (I take over the ASM contract in August). Lila and I went to Brooklyn one day to visit a new photo exhibit there called “Photoville” – otherwise we’ve mostly been hanging at home. Eric and his dad are starting on our patio this week – we are hoping to have people over for a BBQ in a week or so. Our front and back lawns grew in beautifully while we were away! It will be so nice to finally use our yards! Here are some pics of Lila from the last two weeks – she is growing every day!

Seven months old!

Lila, this was such a big month for you! You took your first plane flight to California (which is why this photo is not in your usual chair). You did OKAY on the plane. After fussing for two hours, you did finally fall asleep for four hours, which gave mama and daddy a nice break! You are currently in California, visiting all of mama’s family. You’ve met so many people, including your cousin Lucy, who you think is SO funny! You are doing really well sleeping in a new room and a new bed, and adjusting to the time change. You even caught your first cold, poor thing, but you are in pretty good spirits nonetheless.

This month you also started eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables. So far you have had: pears, apples, bananas, mango, peaches, avocado, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and prunes. You also have had Jamba Juice smoothies twice, and loved them!

You are sitting unaided now, and want to crawl so badly! Sleep has been interesting since you insist on rolling over and over and over.

You also got your first two teeth this month! You were a bit fussy for a few days, but not too bad! You also started saying “Dada” this month. You say it over and over again. We love your little voice!

Happy 7 months baby girl!


The last few days in California

Father’s Day was the day after Lucy’s birthday party. Our family and Dave’s dad and brother met up at the Duke of Edinbugh (my favorite pub) for lunch. Oh yeah, Father’s day was also my birthday 🙂

Lucy at the Duke

Everyone at Father’s Day lunch at the Duke

Father’s Day lunch at the Duke

Eric and Lila at the Duke

On Monday we all went to Roaring Camp and went on a train ride through the redwoods. We used to go there a lot as kids – it was fun being back there all these years later with our own kids!

Becky and Lucy waiting for the train

Lucy, Dave and Simon being dorks

Lila on the train

The entrance to Roaring Camp

My friends had one more BBQ before we left town – this one was at Erika’s house. It was so great seeing a bunch of our guy friends and having the opportunity to catch up with them. I hate not seeing everyone all the time! Lila was the only kid there for a long time (until Steve showed up with his kids) and she did so well!

Old friends are the best friends: Erica, Steve, Bryan, me and Lila,David, Erika, Mary.

Lila and Mary

Before we left we shipped a lot of hand-me-downs home for Lila – books, clothes and DOLLS! Mostly MY dolls! Before we packed them up, we sat Lila on the couch with all of them.

It was really sad to say goodbye. I hate that California and New York are not right next to each other. Oh well. Until next year!

A few random cute photos leftover from the trip:

Lucy’s birthday party!

While we were in California, Lucy turned TWO! I’m so happy we were able to be there for her birthday party. My brother Nick flew up for the weekend, too. It was so nice having everyone all together! It was SO hot the day of the party. Becky had lots of drinks on hand and a kiddie pool set up for the little ones. Lila put her feet in the pool, but wasn’t a big fan of being splashed by the bigger kids, so she didn’t stay in for long. After a few hours we went back to my parents’ house and went in their pool. It was Lila’s first time in a swimming pool and she did great! We had bought a baby float, and she loved floating around. She even kicked her legs instinctively!

Lila, dressed for the party.

Lila, with Nick, at Lucy’s party.

Lucy playing with bubbles at her party

Costume change after going in the kiddie pool

Lila’s first time in the pool!